Ballet class

1 hour 4 minutes

Victor Caixeta

Company – Dutch National Ballet

Position – Soloist

Schooling – Staatliche Balletschule Berlin

In this film, Victor teaches his own specially designed ballet class covering Barre, Centre and Allegro. Originally from Brazil, Victor is a huge talent, fast becoming a star dancer on the international ballet scene. Victor trained in Berlin until his graduation in 2017 and then after winning a bronze medal at the highly prestigious Moscow International Ballet Competition, he was invited to join the Mariinsky Ballet in St Petersburg where he danced much of the Principal repertoire becoming a Soloist in 2019. In March 2022, Victor left Russia and went to join the Dutch National Ballet as a Soloist making his debut alongside Olga Smirnova in “Raymonda”.

Victor’s class shown here was recorded in Russia before he left the Mariinsky to join Dutch National Ballet. With excellent and well thought out exercises, this class is a pleasure to take or to watch. Victor’s combinations are logical and musical and show his strong technique and amazing ability to balance and turn beautifully. His exercises are clearly inspired by a mix of his training in Berlin and his career so far in St Petersburg including what he has learned from his coaches at the Mariinsky – Gennadi Selutsky and Victor Baranov.

This class is labelled as “Intermediate”, but some people may find some of the exercises more advanced. Even so, with every combination being so well explained by Victor as he dances through the class, people who may not consider themselves as intermediate or advanced dancers may feel comfortable trying it too but in any case, always be careful not to injure yourself.

Follow along with Victor as he talks through every exercise and demonstrates every step, or simply watch and enjoy!

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