Ballet class 5

1 Hour 34 Minutes

Sarah Kundi

Company- English National Ballet

Position- First Artist

Schooling- Central School of Ballet

In this film, the fifth in Sarah’s current series for, Sarah teaches her own specially designed basic ballet class aimed at those who would either count themselves as beginners to ballet or those who are already familiar with ballet but are currently at a basic level of technique. More advanced dancers are of course welcome to take this class to brush up on their technique and may find it helpful as a means of getting back to full strength after some time off.

Sarah has chosen to make the theme of this class “Alignment”, focusing on placing the body correctly during movements to give the full dimensional effect of each step while continuing to build on the fundamental elements of technique which Sarah has been teaching through all her classes.

Follow along with Sarah as she demonstrates every exercise and gives lots of helpful tips and ideas for furthering your ballet technique or simply watch and enjoy!

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