10min Legs Intensive

10 minutes
Intermediate / Advanced

Jenna Caley

Company – Formerly of Birmingham Royal Ballet

Owner of Jenna Caley Pilates

Position – Principal Dancer

Schooling – The Royal Ballet School

In this film, Jenna continues her series of targeted, quick Pilates floor mat exercises, this time focusing on the Legs while also engaging the core muscles.

This class is designed for those who want a fast and concise workout targeting the Leg muscles, specifically the Inner Thighs & Outer Thighs without wasting a second. Jenna begins the class with intermediate level exercises to gently ease into the class and builds to an advanced level to push the difficulty and intensity of the workout before finally finishing off with some appropriate stretches.

This class is ideal for use as a thorough warm up, for example before doing a Ballet Class, and only requires a floor mat and a clear floor space to take part.

Follow along as Jenna demonstrates the exercises and explains exactly what to do in clear and excellent detail, or simply watch and enjoy!

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