Floor Barre

31 minutes

Anastasia Demidova

Company – The Mariinsky Ballet

Position – Corps de Ballet

Schooling – Vaganova Ballet Acadamy

In this film, Anastasia teaches a floor barre beginning with some simple feet exercises and then moving on to lying down exercises 4 mins into the film. The idea of a floor barre is to simulate the exercises a dancer would do while standing at the barre but done lying down with a focus on strengthening the muscles in the legs, core and back. By doing these exercises lying down one can focus on specific muscles, for example those used to turnout the legs.

Anastasia demonstrates all of her personal exercises and explains how you should do the movements for maximum benefit.
This is an ideal workout for anyone to try and is especially useful as a morning workout or used as a way to maintain muscle strength during vacation times.

For this workout Anastasia simply uses a floor exercise mat so no equipment is required.

Learn with the best or simply watch and enjoy!

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