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Maria Theresa (by email to [email protected])

“Balletclass.com offers  elegant and effective classes, among the best I have taken anywhere, The conditioning classes are focused and challenging, and the extraordinary choice ballet classes are an athletic and artistic dream not possible without this flawless model. Bravo to Mr, Parish.”

Liv (by Instagram message to @balletclassdotcom)

“I’m a 33 year old who has a spinal injury (C4 disc) from a major accident when I was 18 and I was finally allowed to try ballet when I was 31.

It provided incredible escapism and although I do struggle with the positions (putting the names to the “shapes” if that makes sense,) I actually have no fear when it comes to the harder airborne moves, ironic given some very serious injuries from the past.
I think the fact that I always have hope means I will continue to derive great pleasure from the jumps!

I have LOVED your platform, it is literally the most perfect provision, when I watch the lessons (particularly the pdd with two people chatting) you feel really engaged, involved and motivated! Huge thanks!”

Hannah Martin, 19, Apprentice at Birmingham Royal Ballet

“I have been using the platform for the last few days and I have to say it is absolutely fantastic! It’s so professional and the site is super easy to use. The teachers and names you have on here are incredible and I can’t wait to do even more of the classes.”

Haruka K (by Instagram message to @balletclassdotcom)

“Today, I started balletclass.com🤩💛I am excited to take classes!! Now, I will tell you my thoughts.

Today I watched Melissa Hamilton’s interview, her ABS & CORE WORKOUT, and Maraya Magri Princess Florine Solo.
I was very moved by her interview😍 Her effort and feeling for ballet is strong and sincere. I will watch it at least 3 times!!

It is very helpful for me. Taking the class, I became aware of the body axis and I could do beautiful passé!!

I understand how to express Florine’s feelings with dance! I can make use of these tips!

Overall, their lectures are in simple English and I can understand! Also, descriptions about each video is helpful for me!!”

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